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Flywheel Energy Storage ComplementaryAdvantages of Gas Generator

I. Introduction of Gas Generator

Gas generators are mainly used in gas power plant, using natural gas asfuel, pipeline transportation, generally used in large cities, home powersupply. Gas generator includes engine and power generation . Compared withdiesel generator, it has many advantages, such as wide output power range (tensto tens of thousands of kilowatts), high reliability of start-up and operation,good quality of power supply, light weight, small volume and simplemaintenance.

II. Loading Characteristics of GasGenerators

In the independent power supply system, the one-step loading capacity ofthe gas generator is poor. In the process of load loading, the one-step loadingcapacity of the generator can not exceed the one-step loading limit , otherwiseit will cause poor power quality, serious situation will affect the safety ofthe power supply system, resulting in outage. Therefore, if there is an impactload in the system, the gas generator can only increase the number of hotstandby geneators to meet the impact load power shock. Although the problem ofload power shock can be solved by increasing the number of hot standby geneatorsin the gas unit, this scheme not only increases the equipment investment cost,but also causes a large amount of waste of fuel under the condition of lowload, and frequent power shocks will have a great impact on equipment servicelife.

III. Introduction of Flywheel EnergyStorage

The magnetic levitation flywheel energy storage device is a highefficiency conversion system between electric energy and kinetic energy. Thesystem adopts magnetic levitation technology. The flywheel rotor works in avacuum room and operates in an no air resistance,This design structure reducesenergy loss during operation and increases the speed of the flywheel . Whencharging, it is equivalent to an motor, converting electric energy into kineticenergy, rotational speed up to 30000 rpm , as energy for storage; whendischarging, it is equivalent to the generator, using the inertia of speed dropto convert kinetic energy into electric energy to release .

Composition of flywheel system

Each flywheel cabinet is a separate system, adopted a modular design, canbe based on the system capacity and power requirements of multiple groups ofparallel. The flywheel cabinet is mainly composed of flywheel body, charge anddischarge power unit, vacuum unit, water cooling unit and monitoring system.

Flywheel Cabinet Rendering

1. charge and discharge power module(PM); 2. PM cooling fan; 3. hydrocoolingsystem; 4. lywheel noumenon; 5. cabinet cooling fan; 6. capacitance module;7.General switch ; 8. charge/discharge contactor; 9. vacuum pump


Mechanical Structure of Flywheel Noumenon

IV.Advantages and Features ofFlywheel Energy Storage System

1.High powerdensity, fast charge and discharge: HHE has 300 kW/2kWh flywheel matureproducts, which means "charge and discharge rate" can reach 150 C,millisecond response speed;

2.Long servicelife: cycle charge and discharge times up to ten million times, theoreticallife more than 20 years, and energy storage capacity will not decrease with theincrease of charge and discharge times;

3.Wideoperating temperature range: no strict requirements for ambient temperature,the flywheel body need not build air-conditioning room;

4.High energyconversion efficiency: the conversion efficiency between the kinetic energy ofelectric energy is higher than 95%, and the comprehensive efficiency of energystorage system is about 90%;

5.Low loss, lowmaintenance: magnetic levitation and vacuum environment make the mechanicalloss can be ignored, flywheel noumenon   need not be maintained, the whole systemmaintenance period is long;

6. Accurately measure and control: flywheelenergy storage can accurately measure the rotor speed so as to accuratelycalculate the "residual power" to achieve accurate control;

7.Safety andenvironmental protection: flywheel energy storage more than 98% of thematerials are steel, no chemical release, no chemical explosion and othersafety risks, from the production to the application of the entire link isenvironmentally friendly;

8.Large-scalemanufacturing costs dropped significantly: flywheel is mainly made of steel,large-scale manufacturing costs dropped sharply, infinitely close to steelcosts;

9.High residualvalue :" waste flywheel battery "can be directly recycled, recoveryprocess is simple, high residual value.

V. Complementary Advantages of FlywheelEnergy Storage System and Gas Generator

(i) Improved system reliability

When the impact load suddenly increases, because the flywheel energystorage system has the instantaneous high power charge and dischargecharacteristic, the instantaneous high power can be carried by the flywheelcompletely when the impact load starts by the design, then through the timedelay, slowly migrates the load to the gas turbine. reduce the impact of largeload shocks on gas generators.

(ii) Lower fuel costs

1. through the compensation of flywheel, the whole generator set can workunder the economical fuel consumption condition, thus achieving the maximum fuelconsumption saving;

2. flywheel is stored in the flywheel by absorbing the electric energyfrom the braking energy of the motor rotating reciprocating load.

3. reduce the main and standby capacity of generator system, reduce thenumber of hot standby needed for generator because of impact load, and save theinitial installation cost.

(3) Solve the power quality problem

Because of the load high power shock process, the power grid composed ofthe generators   can not respond to thetransient changes of active and reactive power, and the voltage and frequencyof the power supply system fluctuate greatly. the power supply quality will beaffected. By installing the flywheel energy storage system, this problem can besolved perfectly.

(iv) Reduction of initial investment in equipment

Because the flywheel energy storage system can perfectly solve the powershock caused by the impact load on the gas generators , the generators cancancel the original hot standby unit to deal with the impact load, which cannot only save the fuel cost but also reduce the initial investment of theequipment.

(v) Reduced operational and maintenance costs

The redundant configuration and the over-concentration of load impactresult in the increase of fuel consumption and the serious problems ofgenerators, such as blank smoke, dropping, leaking, etc. Solving the impact ofload on the system through flywheel energy storage system can greatly reducethe operation and maintenance cost of the system and increase the life of thegenerator set.

VI. Company Profile

Beijing Honghui Energy Development Co., Ltd., led by members of theNational First Prize for Technological Invention, has successfully developedhigh-power magnetic levitation flywheel energy storage technology and productswith independent intellectual property rights through years of dedicatedresearch and unremitting efforts.It is applied in the civil field and hasachieved large-scale commercial manufacturing of magnetic levitation flywheels,and is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for energy saving, energystorage and power quality improvement for customers in different fields withthis technology as the core.

The HHE series of high performance energy storage flywheel productsdeveloped by the company can be widely used in the fields of rail transitbraking energy recovery, UPS millisecond uninterruptible power supply, portterminal gantry crane energy saving and life extension, and microgrid, civilair defense engineering, wind and solar energy storage power station and so on.

In addition to supply flywheel products, HHE takes advantage of its owntechnology, funds and management advantages to provide comprehensive contractenergy management, energy conservation transformation, clean energy developmentand other comprehensive system solutions and derivative services according tothe characteristics and needs of the customer .

Because of the environmental friendliness of flywheel energy storage   from manufacturing, operation to recyclinglife cycle, and the characteristics of high efficiency energy recovery, realuninterrupted and long life, HHE will lead the strategic direction of energystorage application in the future, and become an internationally respectedenergy saving and environmental protection enterprise.Together with experts tocommit to popularizing and applying flywheel energy storage technology in moreindustries.