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Flywheel energy storage promote the development of  "new infrastructure Construction"

COVID(CoronaVirus Disease 2019) will have an impact on China's economy in the short term,but in the long term, the longterm trend of smooth economic operation will notchange. At present, the epidemic situation has been gradually controlled, butthe impact of delayed resumption on our economy can not be ignored. Based onthe 13th FiveYear Plan and the closing year of building a welloff society inan allround way, the followup policy has the need to make further efforts.Considering the coordination of monetary policy with fiscal policy and the goalof reducing costs, there is still room for monetary policy easing.

Howis the economic impact of the epidemic? From the fundamental point of view, inthe short term, the epidemic will have an impact on the macro economy from bothsupply and demand; but in the long run, China's economic structure continues tooptimize, the trend of steady growth of the national economy will not change.For external demand, the identification of PHEIC(Public Health Emergency ofInternational Concern) and the accelerated expansion of epidemic situation inoverseas areas may lead to some uncertainty of external demand. In terms ofemployment, the shortterm epidemic situation has a greater impact on labor demand,labor demand may be phased down; after the epidemic situation, the productionand operation of enterprises may be difficult to improve quickly. In terms ofinflation, there will be no large-scale inflation in our country.

Macroreverse cycle policy hedge total demand slip. The domestic epidemic isconcentrated in the first quarter, and the spread probability of overseasoutbreaks will continue into the second quarter, so that not only ourconsumption will decrease, but the global slowdown in aggregate demand willinevitably seriously drag down our exports. Therefore, we need to furtherintroduce policies, reducing the financing costs of enterprises, reducing thetax burden of enterprises, and stimulate aggregate demand.

Thecombination of new and old infrastructure construction will promotehighquality economic development in China. Although the marginal utility ofthe old infrastructure to the economy is decreasing, it is an important supportfor stable employment in the special period. New infrastructure construction isChina's future. China's industrial policy will be combined with the newinfrastructure construction in 2020. Taking 5 G as an example, the newinfrastructure construction like the information superhighway, which providesthe carrier and channel for the future massive unknown content. The new energyindustry is too, and many areas of new infrastructure costruction are importantbreakthroughs for us to enrich economic forms and improve economic efficiency.


Infact, the“ New InfrastructureConstructionis not a new concept, as early as the endof 2018 at the Central Economic work Conference to clarify the positioning of 5Gartificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other "newinfrastructure construction ," in March 2020, the Standing Committee ofthe Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting again mentionto speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G and data centers."New Infrastructure Costruction" has once again become the focus ofmarket attention. As Ren Zeping and other economists pointed out ," Newinfrastructure is a shortage for future development.The new investment areasmainly include :5G infrastructure, UHV(Ultra High Voltage), intercityhighspeed railway and intercity rail transit, new energy vehicle chargingpile, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and soon.These areas are the best combination of shortterm stimulation of effectivedemand and longterm increase of effective supply, and are the heavyweights forChina's economy to cross the middleincome and move towards highqualitydevelopment and innovative development.

flywheel energy storage technologydirectly serves UHV, inter-city high speed and intercity rail transit,charging pile,   IDC and other fields of"new infrastructure construction". HHE`s flywheel energy storagepromotes the development of" new infrastructure construction "and strengthenthe new momentum of economic and social development.

I.Energy storage is the one of key technology to newenergy and new infrastructure development

The energy system of our country is advancingto "the energy system with electricity as the core ", and the key technicalproblems have been solved and economy have been realized. In the future, windpower, photoelectric and other unstable power supply large-scale connected grid,the existing "Power generation-transmission-using" power systemupgraded to "Power generation-transmission- storage-use" , The loadof the system can be adjusted with the output of new energy on the powergeneration side.

II.Application of Flywheel Energy Storage Technology inthe "New Infrastructure Construction"

flywheelenergy storage is suitable for high power, fast response, high frequency, highreliability and long life application scenarios. the service areas are allwithin the scope of "new infrastructure construction ", includinghigh power UPS, rail transit, power grid frequency modulation, as well ascharging piles, petrolum drilling rig and other emerging markets. Specifically:

1. flywheel UPS apply to large datacenter, precision manufacturing and other places with high power qualityrequirements

Cloudcomputing, big data and other technology develop rapidly, data centerinnovation and change has been concerned. As the power supply of data center,UPS( three-phase uninterruptible power supply) distribution system not only hasa lot of development space, but also has an urgent need for innovation.Customer demand for UPS distribution system mainly focuses on three aspects:high availability, total cost of whole life cycle, adaptability of UPSdistribution system to transportation installation position and site, andflexibility in operation and maintenance process. The flywheel technology of HHEmeets the requirements of users in these three aspects:

1)flywheel + converter parallelto the grid can provide expansibility;

2)modularity technology to increase availability and flexibility;

3)flywheel energy storage is environmentally friendly and contributes to economicefficiency.

(For more details: HHE Flywheel UPSBuilding High Efficientcy Data Center)

2.Application of flywheel Energy Storage inEnergy Recovery Market represented by Rail Transit

Railtransit energy recovery is a high-power, high-frequency application scenario.at present, there is a waste of resources when the electric energy recovered bytrain entering the station is consumed or consumed by the way of resistanceexothermic; or feedback to the power grid through the inverter feedback device,but there is a problem of interfering with the power grid; or through the supercapacitors recovery, but there are short life and capacity attenuation problems.Flywheel energy storage is perfect to solve these problems.

Using the flywheel energystorage technology of HHE, CNPC developed the energy recovery system offlywheel energy storage intelligent microgrid equipment, which breaks thecurrent situation that domestic oil exploration equipment is monopolized byimported generators. On December 12,2019, the appraisal committee of theIntelligent Microgrid System of Electric Drilling rigs Based on Flywheel EnergyStorage Technology" appraisal result is " the overall level is advanced and has the advantages of safe,stable and reliable operation, economical, green environmental protection andreasonable indicators, the overall technology reaches the internationaladvanced level."

(More details:the "Intelligent Microgrid System of Electric Drilling rigs Based onFlywheel Energy Storage Technology " has been successfully identified byscientific and technological achievements, reaching the international advancedlevel)

3. Application of flyheelEnergy Storage in Power Grid Frequency Modulation

In power system, frequency quality is animportant index in power quality assessment, and frequency beyond the allowablerange will destroy the stability of the system and affect the safety of powergrid operation. Therefore, frequency control is an important link to ensure thesafe and stable operation of power grid. As the speed of energy energyupgrading is gradually accelerating, more and more intermittent clean energy isconnected to the grid on a large scale, and the proportion of green powerenergy is increasing, but at the same time, it also brings new difficulties tothe frequency control of power grid. Because of the limited capacity oftraditional frequency modulation, it can not meet the demand of existing powergrid frequency modulation very well. In this context, flywheel energy storagetechnology attract attention, and gradually recognized by people, flywheelenergy storage technology advantages are relatively prominent, and is the only high-powertechnical means that can be verified by power grid level application. HHE hasthe high-energy flywheel HHE-FW2550, which is mainly used in new energy,micro-grid side, user side energy storage and power grid frequency modulation.
   1) Effective promotion of large-scalenew energy connection;

2)Provide high-quality grid auxiliary services;

3)Ensure the safe operation of power grid;

4)Lower power grid expansion and transformation.

(More details: Application of flywheelenergy storage technology in   frequencymodulation)

III. Analysis of InvestmentOpportunities in Flywheel Energy Storage Industry

Flywheel energy storage has brokenthrough the limitation of chemical energy storage, physical methods to achieveenergy storage, the technology has matured, high power, fast response, highfrequency, high reliability, long life advantage is also very obvious, flywheelenergy storage can be used in new energy vehicles, I believe as a new kind of battery,the future will be promising. On the premise of self-control of keytechnologies and manufacturing cost advantage, HHE's flywheel energy storagetechnology and derivative products have been widely used. Under the support ofmacro-policy, expert view, industry demand, capital market and other factors, “thenew infrastructure construction”really presents a good situation at present. HHE'sflywheel can boost the development of "new infrastructure construction"and enhance the new momentum of economic and social development.

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