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Beijing Honghui Energy Development Co.,Ltd. (HHE) is a high-tech enterprise which used the technology that applied in aviationand astronautics. HHE brings together cutting-edge top technical talents fromthe fields of aerospace, power electronics, automatic control and energy.

After years of dedicated research andefforts, HHE has successfully developed the high-power magnetic levitationflywheel energy storage technology with core intellectual property rights,which has been applied to the fields of power protection, oil drilling,rail or subwaytransportation, new energy, micro grid, data center, port and dock, militaryand so on. It has also realized the large-scale commercial manufacturing ofmagnetic levitation flywheels, providing customers with comprehensive solutionsfor energy saving, storage and power quality improvement.

HHE was rated as the national high-tech enterprise,Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, and has received strategic investment fromTsinghua Tongfang, Beijing Collaborative Innovation Research Institute, theventure capital fund of China Development and Investment Corporation, andHengzhe You Fund of Gongqing Cheng.

HHE won the only first prize in theenterprise group of the 2017 "Maker in China" Innovation andEntrepreneurship Competition hosted by the Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology, the TOP10 Award for Technology Innovation of the 2018 InternationalEnergy Storage Conference, the TOP10 Award for Energy Storage ApplicationInnovation Model in 2019, and the first prize of the 2020 CRRC Innovation andEntrepreneurship Competition.

In 2017, the company won a large order ofnearly 100 million yuan for Fab's flywheel UPS project, and successfullydelivered 16MW flywheel UPS system in 2018, which is the first time thatChina's flywheel energy storage technology with independent intellectualproperty rights has been applied on a large scale in the world's topsemiconductor manufacturing field. In 2019, the company successfully deliveredsuch projects as flywheel mobile power vehicle and flywheel energy storage DCpower station for the State Grid Shunyi Power Supply Bureau, also flywheelenergy storage and recovery system for CNPC.

In 2019, with the national integratedcircuit industry development strategy, HHE headquarter factory was settled inWuxi and the new company Wuxi Hongda Hengeng Technology Development Co., Ltd. wasestablished then.

Wuxi Hongdaheng Energy TechnologyDevelopment Co., Ltd. is committed to creating an intelligent platform for"flywheel energy storage industrialization", relying on thetechnological research and development and industrial application advantages ofHHE in the field of flywheel energy storage, to provide users with professionaland efficient energy utilization solutions.The main business covers integratedenergy, energy storage power station planning and construction, power quality,power frequency and peak regulation, industrial energy conservation, powerengineering market development, new energy project contract energy management,etc.

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Contact Address:NO.26 juyuan West Rd. Shunyi Dist.Beijing ChinaNO.26 Juyuan West Rd. Shunyi Dist. Beijing China NO.26 Juyuan West Rd. Shunyi Dist. Beijing China NO.26 Juyuan West Rd. Shunyi Dist. Beijing China NO.26 Juyuan West Rd. Shunyi Dist. Beijing China                                                                                                                                             关于我们        在线留言